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My Morning Jacket Rocks Miami and Spreads The Love


The Fillmore show kicked off just after 9:45 when Jim and the rest of the band strolled on stage to a roaring crowd of eager fans. Playing for 2 solid hours with only about a 2 minute break before a 4 song encore is really impressive for a non jam band. Watching Jim James as the front man for the group is one of the more captivating things you will see. He literally floats around the stage. You almost never notice he switched up his guitar until after he’s already done so. His hair is magically flying around like he’s got five fans pointed up at it at all times. Each time I’ve seen the band prior to this has been at a festival so the fans aren’t usually close enough to touch him but the indoor venue allows for a much more intimate atmosphere. Jim would walk across the front of the crowd while singing some of the slower songs and just gently tap fingertips like ET with awe struck fans dying for his attention and still never miss a note.

mmj setlist

A notable and feel good moment occurred just before the last song of the night. Jim took a moment to thank the crowd and speak a few words saying “we were all brought to tears today by the amazing holocaust memorial over there”. (referring to the large memorial statue in Miami Beach) He went on to say a few words about how love is what we need to focus on and not the color of skin, or religion, or any other small petty way to categorize and discriminate people. It’s all about love. He kept it short and sweet and the crowd reacted with extreme positivity and applause. Hats of to you Jim James.

The entire band is fun to watch and really get into the show. The set list last night was the best I’ve heard them play. It was a steady and smooth rise of energy the entire show. Song after song the crowd got more into it and the band continued to shred harder. My personal favorite moments are when Jim brings out the flying V guitar and starts slinging his hair around for a sick solo. I talked to a couple after the show that had been following the band for the previous 3 stops on the tour and was continuing on to more. They were very pleased with the set list from the evening so I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone in the venue left satisfied. If you get a chance to catch My Morning Jacket on tour or at a festival definitely do so.

The Flying V

The Flying V

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