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New Gramatik – Beatles Remix

Sooo…. Gramatik is pretty much the illest. He lays down the funkiest synths and layers tracks better than almost anyone in my opinion. With the guitar shredding in between The Beatles samples, this track is a certified banger. Enough Said. Enjoy the download and crank your speakers.

“So, back in 2006 when I was still rapping(in Slovene), I sampled ”Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles and later on recorded lyrics over it. The beat was very simple, adapted for rap vocals so I decided to revisit it, remove my raps and add a bunch of other live instruments, synths and samples to it, so you guys can enjoy it in instrumental form without it being boring. It’s a downtempo hip-hop flavored banger that continues the evolution of collage sampling combined with live instrumentation and synthesis. Hope you guys like it. -G”

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#beatlesremix #dontletmedown #gramatik #thebeatles

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