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NEW MUSIC: Borgore & Protohype – Hannah Montana Remix (terrible obnoxious dubstep)


Don’t get it twisted I have seen Borgore live a few times and I’m also a fan of some good ol filthy dubstep. The dude cracks me up and can make some bangin tunes. This one will get his half clothed raver crowds going hyphy I’m sure but won’t be making it into my iTunes library. Protohype has been on the come up too so I’m sure he’s pumped to get a track with the cake master himself. It’s probably the worst song they could have ever chose to remix however. This one has really depleted my liking for either artist unfortunately. I’m all about having fun with music because otherwise it would really get boring but I just can’t back this track. I just figured sometimes you gotta check out the bad to really appreciate the good stuff. So if you want to enjoy everything else you listen to today twice as much listen to this track:


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