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NEW MUSIC: Illumntr – Soul Sister LP [Psychedelic, Funk, Soul]


Illumntr is the other-worldly. It is quite possible that Bryn Austin Bellomy and John Russell have been placed here by aliens to gift us this music, a concept LP that takes you on a journey through the universe.

Soul Sister is the product of unmatched imagination, love for Marvin Gaye and 5am Ableton binders. It’s a crunchy group of ingredients that makes for a tasty album.

This is a fresh sound, that can not completely be described as sounding like anything else out there, although the eclectic influences will at times remind you of artists you love; for me it’s Tame Impala, J Dilla, 808s & Heartbreak-era Kanye, and of course, label-mates Exmag.

Welcome to the future. Illumntr has arrived.


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