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NEW MUSIC: Marley Carroll – Live at Moogfest 2014 [Downtempo, Garage, House]

A couple years ago I received a mixtape from Autonomous Music, who reps incredible acts like Emancipator, Polish Ambassador, Blockhead and many more awesome artists. On that mixtape was the song “Cedars” by Marley Carroll.

I frequently played the song when I DJed acts like Disclosure and SBTRKT in my living room in my underwear. “Cedars” particularly blended well with “Boiling” by Disclosure, I remember.

I saw Marley Carroll at Trinumeral in Atlanta, alongside Flying Lotus and Break Science. I met Andre 3000 that night and so every little piece of the evening is pure magic when reflected upon.

Marley Carroll’s set actually stood out a lot though. Where Flying Lotus stood out in versatility (DJ, Producer, Rapper), Marley Carroll stood out on craft. His downtempo garage/house is partnered with a love for scratching vinyl. You can hear it in this mix below, which is currently flooring me with its beauty.


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