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NEW MUSIC: Zoogma- War & Other Natural Disasters (Electronic Rock)


Now this is why I love Zoogma! This song builds with great intensity and emotion, and doesn’t leave out the feel good dancey parts. Around 2:19 you get an upbeat groovy section that you can’t help but to dance around to. The half-time breakdown around 3:11 takes the song home for me. WTF is Zoogma? No one can really define them, but this song gets pretty damn close.

All in all it’s a beautiful and heavy track that really gets me excited for what’s to come from this 4-piece Memphis, TN band. This is the first single off of their new album, ANTHEMS 4 ANDROIDS, which is being released at their August 17th show in Atlanta, GA. The sound is very mature and can only leave me wanting more from them!

To purchase an advance copy of their new album (for $1!!), head over to their creative Kickstarter page!  You can choose to donate $1 to receive an advance digital copy, or $15 to receive a copy of the album, a signed poster, and a sticker. There are various donation levels, with the highest being $5,000 which gives you an incredible package! Head over to their Kickstarter page now to see all of the donation levels and to help out this band “unleash this record” on the world!

They are currently touring and they put on a killer live show, so be sure to check out Zoogma in a city near you!

8/16/2013 Workplay Theatre – Birmingham, AL 8/17/2013 Terminal West – Atlanta, GA (CD RELEASE) 8/21/2013 123 Pleasant Street – Morgantown, WV 8/24/2013 Camp Barefoot – Bartow, WV 8/29/2013 Hangar 9 – Carbondale, IL 8/30/2013 North Coast Music Festival – Chicago, IL 8/31/2013 Nelson Ledges Quarry Park – Garrettsville, OH 9/01/2013 Mantrabash Music Fest – Ferguson, NC 9/10/2013 Southland Ballroom – Raleigh, NC 9/11/2013 The Jefferson Theater – Charlottesville, VA 9/12/2013 Empire – Springfield, VA 9/13/2013 Rams Head Live! – Baltimore, MD 9/14/2013 The Blockley – Philadelphia, PA 9/18/2013 Mercury Lounge – NYC 9/19/2013 Royale Boston – Boston, MA 9/20/2013 Valentine’s – Albany, NY 9/21/2013 Higher Ground – South Burlington, VT 10/04/2013 Music In The Middle Festival – Woodbury, TN 10/18/2013 Apache Pass – Austin, TX 10/23/2013 Belly Up Aspen – Aspen, CO 10/24/2013 Three20South – Breckenridge, CO 10/25/2013 Aggie Theatre – Fort Collins, CO 10/26/2013 Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom – Denver, CO 10/31/2013 The Pour House – Charleston, SC 11/01/2013 NV Nightclub – Knoxville, TN 11/02/2013 12th & Porter – Nashville, TN 11/13/2013 Varsity Theatre – Baton Rouge, LA 11/14/2013 Last Concert Cafe – Houston, TX 11/16/2013 Three Links Deep Ellum – Dallas, TX 11/22/2013 Jupiter Bar and Grill – Tuscaloosa, AL 11/23/2013 Martin’s – Jackson, MS 11/29/2013 Newby’s – Memphis, TN

– Meg


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