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North Coast Music Festival After Parties Announced

North Coast After Parties! We laid out the parties we would be checking out for you. If you don’t find anything that interests you check the full list of after parties RIGHT HERE. There are plenty!


Paper Diamond @ HOB

The Colorado native has stepped up his live performance as of late, and the House of Blues in Chicago provides three levels of intimacy for your viewing pleasure. You can get down and dirty in the pit, eye-level with the artist on the first floor, or elevate your viewing pleasure on the second floor. We still haven’t heard who his support will be this Friday, but I would expect another PL Music heavy hitter as Michael Menert, Break Science, and Paul Basic are all available.

Porn n Chicken, Ghosthouse, and DJ LA Jesus @ Cobra Lounge

Looking to check out some of Chicago’s local talent? Look no further than Porn n Chicken. This group combines Hip Hop, Dub-step, and a variety of Burlesque style stage performers into one high-energy leave it all on the stage type of set. I caught their after party at North Coast last year when they opened for Felix da Housecat, and they absolutely stole the show. You have to see it to believe it. Ghosthouse will warm you up with an 80’s infused electro funk sound that definitely finds its inspiration from the King of Pop. DJ LA Jesus coins himself the party savior. He looks like Jesus and can spin something funky. This lineups the best of the best for Chicago’s local dance music scene. Not to mention the Cobra Lounge is located all of one quarter block North of Union Park on Ashland.


The Disco Biscuits @ Concord Music Hall

Take the best live act of the festival and give them (at least) two sets in a much more intimate setting, and you have the best after-party of the festival. The Concord Music Hall is a smaller venue that allows you to vibe with the band in a way that feels much more personal. I see this one going late into the night, and it’s much more likely that you will run out of steam before the Biscuits do. They were playing sunrise sets at festivals when you were busy phoning Carson Daily to vote for your favorite music video on TRL.

Bondax, Redux Djs, Equator Club @ Cobra Lounge

For the past two years the U.K. has continuously outdone itself producing the most intriguing new artists in dance music. I’m a massive supporter of the rising nu-disco scene in dance music. Bondax captures the soul of the movement and keeps you falling in love song after song. I expect to see an array of hour glass silhouettes moving their hips in an entrancing motion to the sights and sounds of this one. Redux Djs and Equator Club capture a similar sound and represent Chicago’s local disco scene. Once again, Coasters are in for a treat with this kind of talent in such close proximity to the festival.


Lotus and Future Rock @ Concord Music Hall

These two bands represent some of the freshest electronic talent of the weekend. Catch either of their festival sets,, and I guarantee you will find a way to muster up the energy for one final show. They both mix improvisation, psychedelic synth, pounding breaks, endless rifts, layers of melodic foresight, and most importantly live instruments to create 360 degrees of sound that doesn’t allow you a breath for hours at a time. Even on a Sunday night, Chicago will represent in full force for their hometown jamtronica heroes (Future Rock).

El Ten Eleven and Orchard Lounge @Lincoln Hall

Another talented group performing in front of their hometown this weekend is Orchard Lounge. This experimental rock group blends funk, soul, electronic, and space disco (yes apparently thats a real genre) to emit a sound that is boldly original. Lincoln Hall provides yet another uniquely intimate setting for these two. El Ten Eleven will put fourth a show that soothes and sways the crowd to a much more down-tempo vibe. Their instruments speak to one another in a language that has a denser vocabulary than English and more depth of tone than the Taiwanese. El Ten Eleven Soundcloud


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