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Show Review: Jon Hopkins @ Output 11/21

Friday night Jon Hopkins got dark, hypnotic, gritty, aggressive – it was great.  The set, which lasted a little more than an hour, was suspenseful in the best way possible.

jon hopkins

With three “Korg Kaoss Pads” at this fingertips, he controlled Output’s Funktion One system with long and sharp sounds as he thrusted himself around behind the decks.

The energy was contagious and similar to the last two shows, the crowd seemed entranced.  That said, while Output wasn’t able to support Hopkin’s usual visuals, those are a show in themselves. Some notable tracks from the night w/their videos below:

Don’t ever miss the chance to see Jon Hopkins:

1. Collider

2. Open Eye Signal

3.  Light through the Veins


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