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Smog Vs. Basshead Announces 2013 Lineup

Yet another epic WMC / Ultra party. One of the illest dubstep parties I’ve ever been to… Smog Vs. Basshead. The lineup speaks for itself. All the info on the flyer.

You can get tickets to this multi-room massacre right HERE.

Personally, I’m excited for some of the rare talent that doesn’t constantly tour America and the festival circuit. Pioneering spinners like Caspa and Goldie will show how the art of DJing is far from dead.

Koan Sound will make their rare Florida appearance, marking the first time in the sunshine state since last year’s Smog Vs. Basshead. The addition of the trap room is awesome, and I’m excited to see what the dirty south style of music does to WMC this year, seeing as last year it wasn’t even around! Salva, UZ and Carnave will no doubt keep that on lock!


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