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Sunset Music Festival Countdown: CRIZZLY

Hailing from San Antonio, Crizzly is one of the few people who have used their creativity to help cultivate and further a style of music. CRUNKSTEP!! Crizzly’s fresh take on this musical hybrid will give you something to Nod & Shake to. Prepare yourself to make bad decisions and dance with the person next to you. So, call your favorite gold chain retailer, find out where Xhibit pimps his ride, lower your snap-back just over the eyes and lastly listen to Crizzly.

So with Sunset Music Festival coming up this Saturday at Raymond James Stadium, we’ve decided to begin our countdown. I mean just because I got out of the car an hour ago from Hangout doesn’t mean I can’t be excited about this weekends musical activities, right? Right. So let’s get on with the muzack.

It’s not much of a secret that we’re some hip hop heads here at So when you take the illest hip hop songs of the last decade and mash ’em up with the hottest dubstep jams, what do you get? You get a CRIZZLY. From Jay-Z to Waka Flocka to Kreayshawn, you can expect to hear damn near any rap track dropped in a Crizzly set. He keeps the crowd singing the rap samples and shakin’ their ass to the electronic beats throughout his upbeat dancefloor pillage. Be sure to check some tunes below and catch his set come Saturday. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


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