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Suwannee Hulaween Additions: Emancipator, Conspirator, Bluegrass Surprise, Moon Taxi…

hulaween updated

Hulaween has added some big additions to their Suwannee extravaganza! Emancipator and Conspirator lead the second wave of artists.

Perhaps the biggest addition is what is being called SPIRIT LAKE.

Fans can expect an epic fusion of dazzling lightsart installations and performance art that morphs the Spirit Lake waterfront and adjacent forest into a vivid dream-like space that fully engages the senses. Working with some of the Southeast’s most talented sculptors, fire/metal workers, painters, performance artists and lighting designers, the Spirit Lake Promenade will also host a Silent Disco and other astonishing Hulaween creations. “I’m extremely thrilled and honored to have been brought on as the Art Director for the Spirit Lake Promenade 2013! It’s a very exciting project on a remarkable chunk of land. My intention is to bring the local art community together in a way that unifies us all creatively while blowing people’s minds,” said Andrew Carroll.

If you don’t know, Andrew Carroll is String Cheese’s lighting / production guy and the head honcho on the production side of Electric Forest. There is no doubt that if you live in Florida and have never been able to make it up to Rothbury to experience the forest, this is the closest you will get.


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