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The Malah announces the Illumin8 Tour

Livetronica act, The Malah, have officially announced dates starting tonight in Boulder, CO and ending in late February in Denver, CO. In between Colorado appearances, the talented group will hit most major cities in America, including a four-date Florida run, where we will hopefully catch them. If you’ve never heard of The Malah, it’s about time you open up your eyes, mind and ears to their dreamy, jammy, electronic sound, which draws comparisons to that of Papadosio, Lotus or STS9.

The group will be joined by Wobblesauce and Digital Beat Down on numerous dates. Most exciting is the lengthy string our buddy Sir Charles will join them on, starting in Georgia and ending in Virginia. It’s so great to see that guy blowing up!

The Malah has a bunch of music for free download by visiting this link:

BONUS: Sir Charles killing it on the Likwid Mix [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

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