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The Roots Freestyle and Interview on Sway’s Universe


The Roots literally keep me believing in hip-hop. During a time where I can count the new(ish) hip-hop artists I think are dope on one hand, these guys continue to have it locked down almost THIRTY years after they started. That’s crazy! There isn’t another hip-hop band that’s even close to these guys and who knows if there will ever be…

At any rate, the foundation of The Roots, ?uestlove and Black Thought stopped by Sway’s Universe to do some impressive freestyling and answer some questions. Peep it below and believe that hip-hop can be dope if the right people are doing it.

Also, make sure you check out their new album …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin because it’s AWESOME. Also, if you’re in New York, you can often catch me at Questlove’s Bowl Train night every Thursday.


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