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Track By Track Breakdown: New ill-esha EP – Altitude Sickness

The beautiful female producer known as ill-esha just finished a new EP titled “Altitude Sickness” with 5 finely crafted tracks. The EP incorporates downtempo, trap, dubstep, hip hop, and more to create a unique and powerful style.

As a fair forewarning before you read the full review. I’m a hardcore hip hop head that loves East Coast style hip hop. Anything that will get my head nodding like Outkast, Biggie, or Gang Starr gets thumbs up from me.

1. Altitude Sickness The album swooshes in with some elevating sounds that make me feel like I’m standing on top of a mountain about to snowboard down it with helicopters filming me. The entire song plays out as a nice soundtrack to the ride down the mountain as well. With gripping bass and heavy hip hop influenced womps, this track will get you in the zone for just about anything you need to accomplish.

2. Arctic Shadows The second track creeps in with some serious attitude. Very stealthy with a strong presence that makes me feel like I’m about to embark on a secret mission. I would imagine this song being in a movie before a huge heist or something epic. This track will get you’re thinking cap on whether it be for melodic or mischievous activities.

3. Capricious Nights Starting out with some more soulful vocal samples this track sends you on a glitchy ride of female vocals and cutting bass. This track is a little more playful than the first two but still holds that east coast hip hop motif that I really appreciate.

4. Idle Heart With my head still nodding nonstop like I’ve been listening to a Gang Starr album we charge into the fourth song, “Idle Heart”. This track packs some power and is good to listen to whether you’re feeling good, bad, happy, or sad. The powerful bass line that will get you hyped combined with ambient vocals to sooth your sorrows is a successful equation in my book.

5. Oxytocin A seductive vocal sample swerving between some powerful hip hop drums and gnarly synth stabs closes the EP out with an exclamation point! My head hasn’t stopped nodding through the entire EP and I’m now wishing I had 5 more songs to ride out to. I’m gonna crank this last one up and jam out.

All and all a very impressive EP from the lovely ill-esha. She has a talent for keeping it very sexy and very gangsta at the same time. I’m backing her. You can snag the new EP for yourself HERE.



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