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With Bear Creek now less than a week away, it is time to officially get stoked party people! Though we’re a day past Halloween, we’re bringing you a special treat to kick off November. Here is a quick Q&A we ran with Lettuce / Break Science drummer Adam Deitch regarding his involvement with Lettuce and the Royal Family Affair at the Bear Creek Festival.

If you have yet to get your tickets to the funkified extravaganza, you can do so by visiting Bear Creek’s official website.

DubEra: First off, introduce yourself. What is your name and position in the band?

Adam Deitch: Adam Deitch. Drummer, composer, arranger, co-set list maker, funk enthusiast..

DubEra: How did the Berklee College of Music influence the band?

Adam: It put us all under one roof, and put us around reeeaaallly amazing older musicians who helped mold us and install confidence in us.

DubEra: Tell the story behind “Let Us Play.”

Adam: The story is that because of many schedule conflicts, we were forced to not tour as a band for a while. The theory of the title is an announcement to each other, our management, our fans, club owners, agents etc. that we were READY TO PLAY!!!

DubEra: Who had the idea to cover Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up?”

Adam: Krasno picked that tune, which became our national anthem so to speak…we LOVE Curtis!!

DubEra: What is your relationship with Royal Family? 

Adam: We are the step children of Royal Family.. haha.. It’s just a blanket term for us, Soulive, Nigel Hall Band, and the Alecia Chakour band that just lets the world know we actually ARE a group of close friends that live and breath soul and funk music.

DubEra: What can we expect from the Royal Family Affair at Bear Creek?

Adam: You can expect us to represent what we do. We are planning on making that stage a musical experience that will never be forgotten..

DubEra: As a performer, what sets Bear Creek apart from other festivals.

Adam: The festival focuses on live funk and soul. Not a “jamband” fest, and not an “electro” fest. There are touches of the latter, but the focus is on that FUNK! Perfect fest for us!

DubEra: What is next for Lettuce?

Adam: Jam Cruise will be epic this year. We have a few EP ideas also, which we will try to get out before we start working on the next full record.

DubEra: Any shout outs or last words?

Adam: Get to Bear Creek! Support live music (and musicians) and get your Jam Cruise tickets…trust us. They are both of epic proportions. for all things Lett. Peace and love…


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