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Wanee 2015 Initial Lineup – Widespread Panic (x2), Gov’t Mule, Earth Wind & Fire, C

wanee 2015 lineup

Wanee has had a lot of speculation around it this year with the Allman Brothers Band playing their last concert dates in 2014. The suspense for the Wanee lineup has been much higher than usual. It’s finally here and they did quite a good job if you ask me. It was almost guaranteed that Mule would take two nights but I didn’t see the rest of it coming. They may not have the entire band but Gregg Allman will be back to perform. The lineup hit us with some other bands I didn’t expect at Wanee such as Earth Wind & Fire and Cheap Trick. My favorite hidden gem on the lineup is the Nth Power performing Steely Dan! You can grab 2015 tickets on the Wanee Website.


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