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All The Music Festival Lineups You Missed

It’s raining lineups! That time of year has arrived where the lineups start rolling out one after another. It’s a little overwhelming honestly and hard to keep track of them since a lot of the same artists are on each lineup. Apart from Shakey Knees and Ultra, you will get relatively the same music at every festival. You really just have to decide what atmosphere you want. Do you want to be in a big city? Do you want to be on a beach? Do you want to be camping in the desert? The options are all there. Here is a fat chunk of lineups that came out recently. There will be many more to come too.

Some highlights for us:

— Ultra is having its 20th year with lots of surprises

— Okee brings Bassnectar x2 and a Snoop Dogg powow

— Shakey Knees providing a getaway from the norm with lots of great rock acts

— Rockville providing a headbangers paradise in our home state of Florida

On a side note. Whats up with the Eminem comeback?? Hopefully he has a really epic show planned and not a political campaign.


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