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The first ever bass show took place in the Hampton Coliseum this past Friday and Saturday, (December 28-29). Bassnectar and Pretty Lights kicked off their New Years runs with the two-night show taking over Hampton, VA. It was nothing short of MASSIVE! The sound in the coliseum was amazing. As Derick (Pretty Lights) put it during his set, “This is legendary yall!” Both Nectar and PL unloaded a handful of new tracks on us. One of my personal favorites was Nectar’s Bird Noise trap style song that everyone just called “the bird song.” If you were there or at Bassnectar 360 you know what song im talking about. We did Basslights and Bassnectar 360 for our NYE run. An amazing series of events to say the least!

Check the full Basslights photo album from night 2 HERE

BONUS: here is a Ghost N Stuff Remix clip from Basslights I found. A definite highlight from the event!


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