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Bear Creak Preview: Interview with Dumpstaphunk’s Nikki Glaspie

dumpsta nikki

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Dumpstaphunk’s Nikki Glaspie for a Bear Creek spotlight. To get you guys (and us!) hyped on the funky Suwannee Festival, we asked Nikki some questions regarding the festival and Dumpstaphunk’s new album. Scope it out!

Chris: Whats up!? Go ahead and state your name and position in the band so we know who we’re funkin’ wit. Nikki: Nikki Glaspie – drummer and soprano in the band

Chris: How’s tour going? Nikki: It’s going great! We have been in the south and the reception has been amazing

Chris: Dirty Word is the name of the new album. Go ahead and tell us about Dirty Word. What music influenced the album? How did New Orleans influence the sound? Nikki: All kinds of music influenced the album. Right off hand, Larry Graham and Betty Davis are direct influences, since we covered them. Sly and the Family stone, Jimi Hendrix, The Meters, EWF…New Orleans is the sound.

Chris: Bear Creek is comin’ up. What sets this festival apart from the others for you? Nikki: We get to hang out and play with our friends. It’s our festival. It’s a family festival. Our favorite

Chris: You guys have two sets at Bear Creek, how will they differ? Nikki: You have to come and see

Chris: Any special covers or sit-ins you can tease us with? Nikki: Honestly, it is a possibility that anybody in the line up will sit in. George Porter Jr., Skerik and Jen Hartswick are always a sure bet tho.

Chris: Who are you looking forward to seeing at Bear Creek this year? Nikki: Bootsy, Mike Dillon Band

Chris: Who put on the best concert you’ve seen so far in 2013? Nikki: Frankie Beverly and Mays

Chris: Do you think funk is on the rise again? Nikki: Again? It’s always been on the rise. People just put a different name on it. There wouldn’t be any hip hop if it weren’t for funk. There wouldn’t be lots of genres if it weren’t for funk. Where did disco come from? Funk. Where did house music come from? Funk. I could keep doing this all day.

Chris: Is there anything else you’d like to add? Nikki: Go buy the new album. Dirty Word is in a store near you!



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