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Bear Creek Preview: 3 Talib Kweli Songs We Want to Hear

Talib Kweli is making an appearance at the funktastic festival known as Bear Creek this year and we are excited to see exactly what he does. Talib was announced as a last minute addition to the Bear Creek roster and doesn’t have a specific time slot on the schedule. It was announced that he will be playing exactly one week from today with Break Science and Soulive. Both bands play on Friday within 2 hours of each other so we should get a solid chunk of Talib. This sounds like a much more effective way to book a hip hop artist honestly. They are never on time and don’t always sound the best live by themselves. Talib is an amazing hip hop artist though and we expect to see great things from him in the Suwannee. Here are 3 songs we hope to hear next Friday:

1. Break Science (featuring Talib Kweli) – The Alliance

This song is off Break Science’ first album and is the opening track. One of my favorite Break Science tracks of all time personally. Talib’s flow over the Break Science sound rivals Chali 2na. Excited to see Talib and Break Science together on stage.

2. Soulive – Bridge to Bama (Hi Tek Remix featuring Talib Kweli)

I’m not sure how popular this song is but I found it earlier while searching the web and I really hope they bust this one out for us. Soulive are some funky cats I never know what to expect from them. The smooth hip hop beat has that Dilla sound almost and compliments Kweli’s flow perfectly. Fingers crossed for this track next Friday!

3. Talib Kweli – Get By

This is a staple Talib song and I would expect Soulive to cover it with him. If you aren’t well educated on Talib Kweli music than this is exactly the song to start your learning with. Expect to hear this one. It’s a classic.



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