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Cherub 100 Bottles EP Review [Free Download]

Baby Makin’, Booty-Shakin’, Shenanigan Startin’, Bougie Ass Bitch Slappin’ Music! Jason Huber and Jordan Kelly did it again with their new 6-song Cherub EP, 100 Bottles.

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we interviewed these crazy guys at Snowball Music Festival. Since then, Cherub has tripled their fanbase, opened for STS9, collabed with Two Fresh on the Planned Parenthood EP, brought out Dominic Lalli to play the sexy sax, and the list goes on. They are making strides in the music industry and are currently killing it at SXSW this weekend. Recently they released the 6-song EP 100 Bottles and I’m super impressed. 100 Bottles is packed with catchy lyrics, sexy guitar solos, booty shakin’ beats from Jason, classic ooohs ooohs and ahh ahhs from Jordan, but also shows that they are evolving and producing music that is unique and forward thinking. Check out the full review below!


1. Heartbreaker.  The song kicks off with a harmonious vocal loop that continues until the funky 80’s style beat comes in at :41. Listening to the lyrics, all I can say is “Preach It”.  Everyone has that friend. You know, the one who is dramatic, complains about their self-created problems, and always has to be right. This song perfectly sums that up. For the record, guys and girls can both be bougie ass bitches. They really had fun with the vocal effects and you notice it in this song when the beat drops out and “Don’t be Sad” plays on a loop as the beat fades back in leading to a sexual guitar solo to wrap up the first song on the EP.

2. Jazzercize ’95.  It’s almost time for summer and this song perfectly fits everything about summer romances. “I know that this won’t last and I’ll forget your dirty past / I’m living for the moment and all I wanna do is touch you one more time before you go”. Sound familiar? This is a great song to bump in the car on the way to the beach, or to get ready for a night out due to it’s 90’s influenced dance beats. It was the first single from the EP which really got me excited for the rest of the songs to finally be released, and also has a pretty dope music video you can watch HERE. I could listen to this song over and over “Cause it feels so good” and if I did go to jazzercise class, I would demand this song be played.

3. Do I (Where We Are). This song has great emotion behind it and also a great beat. It starts off slow and then explodes into a funky dance beat with the chorus. You know that point in a relationship where things just change, and you have to figure shit out to find out “Where We Are”. We’ll this song does a great job putting that into words. Towards the end it slows down into Piano ballad and Jordan emotionally singing about that point in a relationship, where things change and no one is to blame. It’s really touching and I love those elements that Cherub adds to their songs.

4. Promise. I absolutely love the psychedelic synth and soothing guitar riffs in this song. Not to mention it has a great heavy drum beat. Promise is super emotional and can relate to anyone. To me it’s about a personal struggle between change and staying the same. One side of you wants to stay the same and reject change but the other side faces the reality of change and embraces it. I’m really impressed by this song, the lyrics, and the music behind it all.

5. Where We Should Be.  This song is for everyone who likes to have a really good time, especially when there is no one around to tell you no. They always like to pair two things together, for example doses and mimosas, and this song is no different. “I’ll bring the bottles, you’ll bring the blow. Then we can party, drink while it snows”. It’s really catchy and I promise you’ll be singing along for months to come. Even though it’s the shortest song on the EP, it still gives you everything you want out of a Cherub song and more. I can’t wait to hear them play this so I can shout “NO OH OH OH!”

6. Drowzzzy (ft. Pell). Everyone’s had that drunken hook-up where you question if this is really what you want or if it’s just the alcohol at about 4 in the morning. This song has intense emotion and a great overall vibe. With lyrics like “Bottle Empty. I feel you, you feel me. Don’t act like your not having fun, ’cause you know you are” and sexy guitar solos, it’s the perfect song to describe what goes down after a long night of drinking whiskey. I really love the vocals from Pell that they added to the end of this track. He compliments nicely with Cherub’s sound. Perfect ending to a perfect EP. 

My friends always say “Why do you love Cherub so much?” and I reply “They speak to me.” Jason and Jordan capture life’s happy and hard moments, translate them into unique sounding songs that are fun to dance to but also heart-touching to listen to. I can’t wait to keep following them on their journey to even bigger fame. Congrats guys! [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

BONUS: If you haven’t watched our interview with Cherub from Snowball last year, you can check it out now!

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