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Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival Announces Second Phase

movement lineup

Movement is Detroit’s premier electronic music festival. The lineup is diverse, but more importantly, the furthest thing from corny. You don’t have the cheap thrills and gimmicky frills that plague most festival lineups (particular ones that cling to the “EDM” ploy). From the indie-hipster Nicolas Jaar’s critically acclaimed live set to Adam Deitch’s Break Science, the talent is the most important thing at Movement… and isn’t that what every festival should be about? From Downlink’s mental dubstep to Soul Claps lullaby house tunes, Movement is definitely something you should go and see.

Also, this is just phase 2. As I was writing this, I realized we never reported on phase 1!! Our bad ya’ll… but here it is!

 It’s like that! What a dope festival. I don’t think we’re going to be able to make it, but YOU SHOULD. Tensnake, Supervision, Andy C, Richie (f’in) Hawtin, Big G… it’s a great celebration of coherent dance music; the unique stuff, ya know?


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