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Electric Forest Preview: The Interactive Electric Garden [New For 2013]

What’s good everybody? I’m here today to break some very exciting news about the multi-sensory overload that is ELECTRIC FOREST. The Electric Garden will make its debut in the Sherwood Forest in 2013. I know, I know… the question that is irking you too is “WHAT IS THE ELECTRIC GARDEN!?!?!”

Well I’m glad you asked!

The Electric Garden is an interactive garden where human touch sparks illuminating flowers. Forty of these massive flowers will create the garden where thousands of festival goers will bypass, touching the pedals and drooling over the touch-sensative effects. The therapeutic effect will create an incredible vibe that puts the Electric Garden up there with dozens of other amazing installations that make Electric Forest one of the most unique festivals in the country.

Aboute das’lala

das’lala is the fusion of creative minds Laura Edelman and Dave Sumberg. It is an intersection between art and science that creates new interfaces for media, public art installations, and interactive electronic design. After uprooting themselves from Boston, Laura and Dave received their degrees from Northwestern University in film and engineering, respectively. Outside of das’lala, Laura produces videos, animation, audio, and music at Chicago-based production and post house Liquid 9. Dave works in both hardware and software design at Shure Inc. Together they produce a wide range of interactive media including light installations, live video processing, game programming, and audio synthesis applications. das’lala aims to create human interactions from digital experiences. For more on das’lala, visit their website.

To learn more about Electric Forest’s Installation Sponsorship program, click here.


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