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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: 5 Reasons To Think Highly of Hangout Music Festival

While we look back on 4 consecutive years of the Hangout Music Festival, DubEra could be considered a Hangout veteran. Missing just the first year in 2010, we have attended every year since 2011. Hangout has become one of those festivals people speak highly of and hold close to the heart after attending. It’s a major event that pulls some of the biggest names in music, just like Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza, yet it feels so different. Here are 5 reasons/memories that should give you a better grasp on why Hangout is above the rest of the heavy-hitter festivals.

1. BEACH LIFE It’s on the beach! The stages are literally in the sand, not to mention some of the best sand in the entire country. You are standing feet away from the ocean while your favorite artist is performing right in front of you. There is something much more relaxing about sitting in sand compared to ripped up grass and dirt. The barefoot thing is a little sketchy at most festivals but highly recommended for Hangout. Waking up next to the beach for 3 days with nothing to do beside go swim in the ocean then go watch live music all day is pretty sweet. That’s a lifestyle you don’t get tired of very easily.

2. PROPER VIP Usually we never suggest getting VIP for a festival. It’s typically the biggest rip off ever, and the general admission crowd is where you meet the widest range of people.

Hangout trumps the rip off stereotype each year and offers luxury style beach accommodations that are well worth the extra money for VIP. The VIP area actually provides an amazing viewing area of the stages with lots of space to move around. It has an open bar for beers anytime you want, along with lounge chairs and hammocks to relax in.

The main stage VIP area has multiple levels, including a full bar, a food area, and not to mention a private VIP swimming pool to float around in while you’re watching the main stage. What’s the last event you attended where you can float in a swimming pool on the beach while watching your favorite artists perform? Check out the beginning of the DubEra day 2 recap from Hangout 2013. The video begins in the VIP pool.

3. MAGIC MUSICAL MOMENTS Hangout has been a major source of a memorable festival experiences. Here are a few that come to mind:

* Our first time seeing STS9 was Hangout 2011. A carnival ride overlooking the STS9 crowd during sunset while they performed their new song “Scheme” was something special.

* The first time DubEra ever filmed an artist interview was at Hangout 2012 with Paper Diamond. (video below, keep in mind it was our first one ever)

* Our first ever String Cheese Incident show was Hangout 2012. Dancing around in the sand with a group of 15 close friends was fun to say the least. With 25+ String Cheese shows under our belts now, Hangout is still one of the favorites.

* Most likely the only Outkast reunion tour ever made its way to Hangout 2014. That was something most hip hop fans never expect to see. It was legendary.

* Stevie Wonder brought the main stage crowd to tears while closing out the festival in 2013. He told a story about his mom growing up in the South without full rights and how amazing it was to feel so welcome playing in the South for everyone on the beach. Truly humbling.

* The Foo Fighters played a daytime set in 2011 to fill in for Ceelo Green because he was late. They came out and said Ceelo was running late and asked if it was ok for them to play some covers in the meantime. A highly memorable Foo Fighters set, and it wasn’t even their set!

4. THE PRE PARTY The Hangout kick off party isn’t something to take lightly. One of the heaviest shredding sets of the festival in 2013 was from the pre-party when Lotus played. Hangout’s pre-party is unique because you get a completely separate lineup of artists that you won’t see at the festival. It’s really worth paying extra for another day of music because you get a whole new lineup of artists. This year is no different and possibly the best pre-party lineup yet! Pre-Party details and lineup here.

5. THE 2015 LINEUP It’s hard to please everyone with a festival lineup. There is a lot of pressure when tens of thousands of people are looking at you to meet their musical needs and desires. Hangout does a stellar job of pleasing pretty much everyone however. They span all the genres much like most major festivals. The daily lineups were released recently and the reactions were very positive. Below are two featured artists from each day to keep your eyes peeled for if you’re having trouble deciding who to check out:

FRIDAY: Umphrey’s McGee & Galactic with Macy Gray. If you like some serious technical rock n roll with some serious guitar shredding then Umphrey’s is the choice for you. Umphrey’s is one of those bands that’s fun to watch because they are so on point with their instruments it’s hard to comprehend. If you want some New Orleans inspired funk with amazing vocals then Galactic with Macy Gray is the way to go. Can’t wait to see what collaborations Galactic has in store with Macy. Hopefully we hear a funky rendition of “I Try

SATURDAY: Toro y Moi & Odesza Toro y Moi has an awesome new sound with his latest album, What For? Mixing Tame Impala’s psych-rock melodies with The Beatles’ pop-rock tendencies, they will make dancing by the beach extra enjoyable. Odesza is my favorite electronic act at the moment, and I love their sound. This duo has a very hip hop-inspired sound that they transform into chill music with soulful vocals. If you’re looking for some fun dancing tunes go check them out.

SUNDAY: Goldroom & St. Lucia Indie and electronic sounds have been hot lately. These two fall into both of those categories. Goldroom makes tropical music that is pretty much perfect for listening to at the beach. He will have a live band with him, which should be the ultimate fun in the sun set. St. Lucia has that indie/electronic sound. The song “Elevate” has become very popular. We look forward to seeing what St. Lucia has to offer for the first time next month.

Take a listen to this Goldroom song, close your eyes and imagine being on the beach, then go buy your Hangout ticket if you haven’t already.

Check out our exclusive DubEra 2015 Hangout Playlist for more Hangout music.


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