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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: 5 Ways To Prepare for Purple Hatters Ball

purp hatters

Purple Hatters Ball is an intimate and friendly festival located in the magical Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. It may not be massive, but it has a very special vibe about it as the memory of Rachel Morningstar Hoffman brings people together in a blissful excitement to celebrate life and music. Check out our full 2014 review for more info about Rachel and last years festivities. Right now were focusing on 2015! Here are 5 things to do after purchasing your Purp Hatters ticket.

1. Get A Purple Hat


2. Practice Your Dance Moves


3. Listen To Our Purp Hatters 2015 Playlist With Lotus, Nahko, and many more on the 2015 lineup it’s sure to be a blast. Do some research and listen to our playlist featuring Purple Hatters artists from this year’s lineup. You might find something new!

4. Get New Swimwear

river pano

5. Convince All Your Friends To Go

purp hatters friends

More info at the Purple Hatters website:

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