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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Michal Menert Interview about Blackwater, Stressed Fans, & Stealing Hearts

Lots to look forward to the next couple days in the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. Michal Menert will be taking over the Ampitheatre from 12:30 – 2 AM on Friday night. If you’ve never heard Michal he produces hip hop influenced electronic music that will get you groovin. Watching him perform and swing his hair around is alone enough to get you hyped up. DubEra has crossed paths with Michal several times and all have been positive and memorable experiences. Freestyling and beatboxing late night during Winter Music Conference in Miami and getting escorted into the afterparty at With Your Friends Festival by Michal himself are two instances that stand out.

We got to ask Michal a few questions in preperation for Blackwater. Check it out;

1. Looking forward to having you in the Suwannee this coming week. How many times have you played there and what festivals? I played the Silent Disco with Gramatik back in 2011, at Bear Creek.

2. You have any new music out? Or working on any? I released the Elements vinyl, available for sale at, in April, and am releasing a Half Color EP with Paul Basic and a 2 track 45 with Eliot Lipp coinciding with the PLM fall tour coming up. I also am in the final mixing process of Space Jazz, which is slated to drop later this fall. In addition, Super Best is releasing a bunch of music from Krooked Drivers, Jk Soul, and Club Scouts (mux mool and I) this fall.

3. When did you start adding live elements (drummer, etc) to your show and what live additions will you be bringing us at Blackwater? I started working with AC Lao early on in my solo career, bringing him out for shows I could afford a drummer on and local headlining gigs, and this summer we launched the Michal Menert Big Band, which is a fully live 18 piece ensemble of amazing musicians. One of the Members, Marcelo Moxy, will be joining AC and I on bass for Blackwater. this will be the first performance of my work in a trio format.

4. What artist are you looking forward to seeing at Blackwater? I love the Easy Star All Stars and can’t wait to see them again

5. Do you tend to play different music at a festival compared to regular show venues? I try to bring a different set every time I play, in that I build the dynamic of the set for that specific night. Festivals also mean that I have a chance to reach people who haven’t heard me live or at all before, so I try to make it special and steal their hearts.

6. You were stressing about a fan who said you were being “the biggest douche to your fans” (which we have found far from true in our experience with you). Any words of wisdom for people dealing with negativity out there who don’t have the positive feedback balancing it out? haha! Found out the dude was pissed I didn’t smoke a bowl with him after saying I would. We squashed the “beef.” Balancing negativity is tricky. Negativity spreads so much faster than positivity. Look at the news. I think the trick is remembering that you aren’t perfect, and that if you are being true to yourself and kind/open minded you don’t have to worry what other’s think.

7. Three songs you’ve been listening to lately. (new or old, any genre) 1.Why Worry by Dire Straits. 2.Drug Song by J-Zone. 3.Filter 13 by Twilight Circus.

8. If you’re hanging out with a lovely lady which one of your albums would you put on? Michal Menert’s Secret Sex Mix #7

9. Last time you had short hair? 2003

10. Favorite concert you’ve ever seen? Coco Rosie in a courtyard of a castle in Poznan, Poland.

11. Dabs or Blunts? Blunts. 100%

12. Anything else you would like to ad or plug? I wanna plug the up coming PLM tour with myself, Eliot Lipp, Paul Basic, and SuperVision! We will be playing all together for a collaborative set, so check the dates and buy tix to this one of a kind show! peace.

Check out a track from Michal’s Element compilation.


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