FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Why Zach Deputy Makes Bear Creek Special

zach d bear creek

I’ve never been to a single one of his concerts and not left smiling from ear to ear. I’ve seen him like 8 times too. He is the master of the one man band. I’ve seen him play with a full band, which was great, but there is something magical about watching Zach D serenade you for a solid hour+by himself. Every year at Bear Creek he gets booked to play 2 sets, but usually does 4-6 with special campsite shows popping up each night.

My first camping festival was Bear Creek, so I have a slight bias, but anyone who has been can attest to the significance that Mr. Deputy plays. Once I watched him play out the back of his trailer until like 5am. Another time I saw him play by the vendors until 4 am.

Last year someone got married on stage during his set. He’s just a dudes who radiates positive vibes. I’ve compiled a couple pictures of Zach D from different events over the years. Check them out below and make sure you take a minute to at least meet the guy at Bear Creek this year. It will undoubtably improve your day.

Zach D at Gnarnia Festival

zach deputy gnarnia

Zach D in Orlando at The Plaza Live

Zach deputy orlando

Zach D at Wanee Festival 2012 on the Traveling Stage

zach deputy

Zach D at Bear Creek 2012

Zach Deputy bear creek

Here is a sneak peak at what you’re in for in you haven’t seen Zach Deputy live. See you all at Bear Creek!

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