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Hangout Festival Announces 2013 Daily Schedule

Hangout dropped the schedule on us today and oh man does it get me excited! Kings of Leon closing out night 1, Tom Petty closing out night 2, and Stevie closing out night 3. My main focus of excitement is Bassnectar playing on the beach (in the same time slot that String Cheese played last year; which was amazing). Bass in my face, and sand in my toes. Can’t Wait! The only disappointing thing personally is the overlap of Bloc Party and Trey. You can’t please everyone though. All and All a great looking schedule! Explore the schedule and plan your weekend out here or just scroll down below.

Day 1:

2013-04-11 05.16.08 pm

Day 2:

2013-04-11 05.16.28 pm

Day 3:

2013-04-11 05.16.47 pm

if you still don’t have a ticket scoop it here


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