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Lockn’ Festival Coverage: 5 Reasons Lockn’ Rocked (…beside the music)

The Lockn’ Lineup was amazing, but it really makes the experience that much better when the festival provides a killer environment to enjoy along with the music. Check out our top 5 reasons Lockn’ rocked (…beside the music).

1. Wonderful Weather

The location for Lockn’ was amazing but the weather kept things going fluid. I think it was the first festival all year I’ve attended that didn’t experience a single drop of rain. Not only was it clear skies, but it was the perfect temperature for a Floridian like myself. Every day was sunny, around 80 degrees and blue skies. Every night was crisp air, low 60s, and perfect sleeping temperature.


2. Free Water

As the festival scene becomes scrutinized by the outside eye, it’s important to see people being safe and taking care of themselves. Water is a necessity that people seem to forget about amidst the musical awesomeness, but it is something all festivals should give out for free. Lockn’ had it perfected, too! I didn’t see anyone wait in line longer than maybe 2 minutes all weekend for water. Klean Kanteen kept it flowing with multiple refill stations to keep you groovin’ all day and night.


3. Vibin’ Vendors

The vendors at Lockn’ were all very friendly and laid back. I never once walked into a booth and felt pressured to buy anything all weekend. From Dead Images  to my favorite Dr. Softskins, where they would massage your hand as part of the best trial use I’ve ever partaken in. This stuff will catch you off guard the first time, but I went back for a hand job hand massage each day and bought two of their body lotion candles.


4. Sports Fix for the Football Fiends

It gets hot on a sunny afternoon, so what better to do than watch the opening weekend of NFL in the shade while listening to live music. You thought you would miss all the action of NFL kickoff weekend while you were roaming through the woods, didn’t ya? You thought wrong!

Dish Network set up a tent to keep people out of the sun and up to date on the football games all weekend. The Dish tent had multiple flat screens playing NCAAF on Saturday and NFL on Sunday. It was right next to the main stage too, so you could watch football and hear the main stage all at the same time. Widespread Panic fans and NFL fans seem to blend together quite well and the tent was packed out on Sunday.


5. Private Swimming Hole

My favorite daytime activity of the weekend was the trip you could take with James River Adventures crew. For $20 they would shuttle you to a private river that was as refreshing as a glass of ice water in the desert. Mason (right below) runs the operation, but it wouldn’t have been as fun without Blanch (left below) who was dedicated to his wig and charismatic personality all weekend long.

This was the first major music festival for most of the James River Adventures crew. They were so excited though and hope to bring back opportunities for festival goers to go kayaking, paddle boarding, and even white water rafting for Lockn’ Festivals to come!



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