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NEW MUSIC: Gramatik – Bluestep [Bluesy Dubstep, 2012 Recap Video]


The homie Gramatik has released a fat new single to celebrate 2012 and look in to the future of 2013. The multi-talented producer continues to cross genres with this bluesy, guitar-driver dubstep track. Footage compiled from all over the world, including Electric Forest, BassLights, Camp Bisco and many MANY more. If you saw this crazy cat in 2012, chances are your show is in the video to some extent.

This is also the first single off of Gramatik’s forthcoming EP. The release is expected to be the first on his free-music label LowTemp. It’s incredible seeing all of the Pretty Lights Label guys growing so fast and becoming able to start their own labels!

BONUS: Gramatik Interview @ Electric Forest


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