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NEW MUSIC: Gunther Doug – Solar Trader (Music Video)

So Chris and I are from Sarasota, Florida. Famous for Siesta Key Beach, being the place your grandparents live and soon enough, the birthplace of Gunther Doug band members.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 6.47.03 PM

Gunther Doug is a band formed by my homies Devon Robinson, Ryan Elwell and their broheem Dre Randaci after moving to Nashville from Sarasota.

Anyway… 100% money back certified guarantee you won’t see many videos/hear many sounds like this. Be like the other 73k + who checked out their hit “Solar Trader” below…

Personally I’m way down with this and would love your thoughts AND ALSO from now on please hit our FB page up with local/new underground music you guys are loving on….

#YOLO, Julian


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