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NEW MUSIC: Interpol – Anywhere


Finally seeing Interpol at Governors Ball was one of those moments where life couldn’t get any better. Completely entrenched in some music I’ve loved for a decade, the New York City band delivered some of my favorite songs ever written. The fact that I had just moved to NYC three months prior made the experience that much more surreal. I never saw the dudes in Florida, but, of course, 100 short days after moving to the big apple they’re absolutely melting my shit.

The set was way to short for a starving fan such as myself, but Interpol did a great job of balancing classics with a solid amount of new material off the upcoming album Elpintor. They were very clear when it was a new song, introducing the track title to a sea of fans (and likely press) each time an unreleased track was played. One of those songs was “Anywhere.”

“Anywhere” is, stylistically, everything you love about Interpol. It’s urgent and dancey and makes you want to lose your shit…or at least it makes me want to lose mine.

Give the track a spin below. As a live recording from a band best known for their studio efforts, this definitely shows that Interpol is a must-see band if they’re up your alley.


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