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Purple Hatters Ball Releases 2013 Schedule


The Purple Hatters Ball schedule was released today and as expected, no complaints here!

The lack of overlapping sets really sets a laid-back vibe for this smaller Spirit of Suwannee festival, who’s lineup features Lettuce, Emancipator, The Malah and New Mastersounds. The amphitheatre and campground stages sound like it may be the perfect way to run a festival. Those dreaded walks back to the campsite are going to be waaayyyy easier with Sir Charles, Catfish Alliance and Greenhouse Lounge ripping it up!

The Crunchay Lake stage should be at the river like last year… or that’s what we’re expecting either way. The heady spring break party from last year saw about 100 topless girls frolicking in a black-water river while everyone tried to out-do eachother on the rope swing. If that doesn’t get you out to the Purple Hatters Ball, maybe the ultra-affordable ticket price will? It’s only $75 for 3 days of badass music, friends and fun.

Did I mention that all proceeds go to the Rachel Morningstar Foundation… it’s a win-win-win-win situation…


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