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SHOW PREVIEW: Flume Makes His Orlando Debut

flume orlando flyer

Australia’s Flume is making his Orlando debut early next month, and we’re very excited to have some fresh electronic music injected to our scene that is usually flooded by cookie-cutter bullshit artists that are not so cool to us.

After listening to this dude for about a year, we got to see him at HARD Miami and let me tell you, he puts on quite a show. We had the opportunity to chat with him at Boiler Room Miami and he’s a cool kid too, so we’re totally supporting the crap out of him.

Flume will bring along Touch Sensitive to warm up the night with his fuzzy disco vibes. It’s going to be weird not hearing crazy trap or dubstep inside of Firestone’s walls, but I’m willing to bet it’s a good weird. Like the kind of weird you get as the sun starts to come up at Electric Forest, you know? It’s strange, but it’s nice.

Anywho, we’ve teamed up with Evolve Group to give away a couple tickets for the event on our Facebook, so be on the look out for that shortly. Tickets are available here for just $15 for those who don’t like to rely on luck to get in to wicked awesome concerts. Cheerio!


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