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“Skrillex in Mexico” Mini-Documentary: MUST WATCH

We live in an incredible time. EDM is a worldwide movement that most of us have the pleasure to be involved in weekly at our favorite clubs, or every summer at our favorite music festivals. Need proof that EDM is an international languange spoken by everyone? Watch this. You might not be the biggest Skrillex fan, but it’s indisputable that he is an international superstar spreading EDM all over the globe.


Remember last year when we all thought the world was ending? Sonny decided to throw a tour in Mexico on those dates, and it was epic! For the tour he brought his brotherhood of “Lost Boys” to 4 towns in Mexico, had it all filmed, and was put into a 15 minute mini-documentary that blew me away. Zedd, Nadastrom, and 12th Planet all took the stage with Skrill on each night to give crowds of up to 12,000 Mexicans the night of their lives. Their energy throughout the documentary was really inspiring, some teens even waited since 9am at the gates so they could be front row for the Mothership Tour!

This really gets me excited for Summer Festival season, dancing in crowds of tens of thousands all to the same beat! Take a 15 minute break from whatever your doing, and see how epic this tour really was!


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