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Suwannee Reunion Campout Concert Series August 21-22

Reunion campout concert series is taking place in the Suwannee for two days in late August. If you can’t wait for Hulaween or you’re just itching to get in the Suwannee for a couple days then this festival is perfect for you. Lots of great music and close friends coming together for a couple days of camping in one of the best venues on the face of the Earth. Reunion will feature Stratosphere All Stars, Zoogma, Greenhouse Lounge and more. Stratosphere is a combination of Disco Biscuits, Particle, Digital Tape Machine, and STS9.

Reunion is different because it’s not a festival that will be repeated annually. It’s more of an exclusive pop of series that will be happening from time to time when the organizers feel like it’s time for a little family reunion. Florida locals from around the state will be heading up for some camping and friendly faces.

The low key event will be hosted primarily in the Music Hall of the Suwannee. If you aren’t familiar with the venue then that just means it will be inside and you can buy food and drinks and play pool while you listen to live music. Only $60 for over 20 bands and two days of camping. Grab yourself a ticket to this intimate event ASAP and lock in a relaxing weekend in the Suwannee.


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