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Tiesto Releases Deep House Mix, Psuedo-Hipsters OBVIOUSLY Complain

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You know what really grinds my gears? When kids who weren’t even alive at the time Tiesto touched his first deck start complaining about what the Dutch DJ is and isn’t allowed to DJ (… or stamp his name on anyways). I mean, where do you get off? One comment on Facebook, with the most ‘LIKES’ mind you, is “TiestBRO needs to fuck off from deep house.” Danial Jefri, who are you brah? Like Tiesto isn’t “EDM” enough to make a mix that isn’t cheesier than skin-tight hollister shirts with big blue jeans. These are the same kids who cried when Pitbull rapped over “Get Lucky” because Pitbull doesn’t have the scene points to do it or something. PSA to you guys: get over it, get a life.

The deep house thing has been gaining a lot of momentum over the past year+, so it’s no surprise Tiesto would want to spin a selection of this FIRE (although I doubt he really makes these mixes anyways… but enough of the EDM conspiracy thing). I mean, that’s what a DJ is anyways, isn’t it? Someone who plays a mix of what’s hot, what the crowd wants and takes it a little further with some deep cuts and variety. Shout outs to my dawg Tiesto for not givin’ a fuuuhhh. Keep flying in your jet, thanks for putting out something my ears can tolerate, and PLEASE, keep supplying me with dope mixes to take showers and pre-game to.


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