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Wakarusa Preview: Interview with D.V.S*


Hit The Clouds Running is quite possibly one of the best releases to be released this year. That’s a bold statement, but the song-by-song switch up of genres that producer Derek VanScoten has put in to this album is noteworthy, and you should give it a listen. For real. For Free. Right here.

We caught up with Derek VanScoten, better known as D.V.S* to discuss his new album, relationship with Pretty Lights, music and more. Check it out beyond the cut! Tell me about yourself. What’s your name, where are you from, what’s your musical background? D.V.S* aka Derek VanScoten. I grew up in the northeast, but have lived in Nashville, Boulder, Brooklyn, and soon, Austin. I grew up playing classic rock in bars with friends, went to college for production and classical guitar.

What’s the process that went in to the newest record, Hit The Clouds Running? I forced myself to make a full album in 3-4 months. It allowed me to not over think things. I’m a bit of a sponge sometimes, so occasionally I have an identity crisis as to what my sound is. This album I feel like a really chipped away at those layers to find my core.

What are you excited for about this summer festival season, particularly Wakarusa? Waka’s got so much hype… so many people from all over hit the festival. I’m excited to play an afternoon set… they are a bit different than say, a 3am set. More performance than Production oriented.

What’s your relationship with Pretty Lights? Other than having the same initials and me being on Menert’s album? Not really that much. We sound totally different, and probably approach life very differently. Fun fact though: He and I met on a monome forum in 2008 long before he blew up, and we joked about the whole initials thing. You can’t plan that stuff even if you tried. I guess me remixing Break Science and Menert also connects us a little more bend the scenes. He’s a cool dude though for sure.

What have you been listening to lately? Odesza, Rhye, the new Bonobo, Charlie XCX, Cherub, xxyyxx, a ton of classical, and Jeff Beck.

If someone is getting in to your music, what should they check out? Hit the Clouds Running, the new jams!

Do you have anything you’d like to add? Everybody is talking about making “bangers in the lab” all the time. I’m rebelling. I’m making soft pretty quiet music in a field.


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