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Baauer Covers Billboard Magazine


It’s insane. Just weeks ago I was sidestage at Baauer’s show at Firestone Live in Orlando, watching him drop “Harlem Shake” alongside the other hot trap tunes, including his Just Blaze collaboration “Higher” (Jay-Z on the track couldn’t even make it as hot as YouTube phenomena). He was a skinny, normal kid who was still finding his niche in the EDM world and then all of a sudden…

And it’s been soaring ever since. He hit #1 on iTunes for crying out loud. The song isn’t new. Actually, for anyone who frequents clubs, festivals or DJ events it was getting old before Chelsea Lately, the Orlando Magic and the University of Central Florida (and probably your mom) were making goofy videos of them dancing to this crazy new sound that we had all been partying to for about a year now.

As jaded as this post may sound, I’m really not at all. The song still bangs, and the Kansas City Basketball Team can’t ruin that for me. While I may SMH just a little when it occupies 3 posts in a row on my facebook feed, I’m not mad at it. I’m stoked for Baauer and this avalanche of success that just d-d-d-d-dropped on his head like his name was Skrill. Homeboy was already collaborating with pop stars and on the rise to some REAL success, this just lit a MASSIVE fire under that process.

I’m interested to see what happens from here. Now that everyone’s 12 year old little brother loves Baauer and their parents are well aware of the “Harlem Shake” too.

Does radio take hold of the dance-friendly spin off of gangster rap that has been dominating EDM over the past year?

Does Baauer still make dope tunes or does he just start producing for Nicki Minaj and the like?

Is trap whack now?

Was it always whack?

And how many more times can the harlem shake really be uploaded on to YouTube?

Time will tell ladies and gents, and we’re excited to watch it all unravel.


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