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Camp Bisco 11: Day 3 Recap

Back with the bag and booty shaking day 3 recap of Camp Bisco. While a little bit of rain may have kept a few campers up (they were up anyways, let’s be honest) the energy certainly didn’t slow one bit with the stellar line up that Saturday held.

 Minnesota got things going with my favorite variety of any dubstep DJ today. He tastefully hits different elements of the genre without letting the energy go down for a second. Whether it’s trap, heavy bangers, mash-ups, drum step or his signature melodic stadium dubstep sound, Minnesota plays it and everyone eats it up. If you haven’t seen the interview we conducted with Minnesota, head over to the youtube page and check it out. Big ups to Christian!

 Big Gigantic’s sets lately have been both big and gigantic. These massive honeycomb looking LED rigs are larger than life and Dom & Jeremy have engineered an energetic set that has landed them prime slots at festivals all summer long. The crowds are getting huge and the hype is at an all time high. Their set was one of the most anticipated and they definitely delivered. We had the opportunity to interview these guys before their set on Sunday so be on the look out for that in the next few weeks!

 Bassnectar really really killed it though. Aside from technical issues (he literally killed his mixer) that cut music a few times, he would always quickly grab the crowd’s attention back in to his methodical DJ set. The most notable instance of this was the first time the mixer cut out and he came back with “Pink Elephants”. He went back and forth between old and new tunes, trap-style productions, live mash-ups and some new remixes (Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”!?), further solidifying his spot as the most interesting and versatile DJ in the game. Don’t believe us? Just ask your favorite DJ and see what they have to say about Lorin’s technique.

After watching the first half of the final Biscuits set, we moved to Dillon Francis moombah-madness tent destruction. Homeboy killed it with a mix consisting mostly of trap and moombah. He proved why he’s the frontrunner of the moombahton movement in the US and one hell of a DJ. His set was one of the craziest all weekend long.

 Zoogma and A-Trak got the late night crowds going after the final Biscuits set ended. Zoogma killed their prime slot, starting with a personal favorite “Incredible Machines” and playing “M10”, “Mr. Limbic” and their “Starry-Eyed” remix. Definitely a strong warm up for the fest-ending Gramatik set that we were all stoked on. After a short set change, Gramatik delivered a perfect Bisco finale. He warmed the crowd up with his signature hip-hop / soul flavored glitch beats and ended with a full on bass-assault. Gramatik proved to be one of the most versatile producers in the game and showed that he refuses to be pigeonholed as a musician. The crowd was roaring until four in the morning.

If you haven’t seen our Gramatik interview from Electric Forest, quit slackin! Check it out right here! 


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