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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Blackwater Schedule is Prepped for Party


Blackwater Music Festival is coming at the end of August. The first two Blackwater Festivals were major party events with acts like EOTO, STS9, Girl Talk, and more. After taking a year off they came back with a primarily Reggae lineup so I expected a much more relaxed weekend. I was wrong. The Suwannee overlords planned out the party perfectly for us. There is LOTS of Reggae which I’m ecstatic about but there are electronic and jam acts strategically placed to make sure you don’t get bored or to stoned and fall asleep amongst all the Dub vibrations. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your weekend;

FRIDAY: After a full afternoon of amazing bands, Blackwater offers you a decision of full speed Reggae or some DJ dance action. Expendables and Slightly Stoopid are playing on the Amp stage while MartyParty and Caked Up are playing in the Music Hall. (I suggest seeing Slightly and Expendables. They are not your average Reggae) There is a nice big Stephen Marley set to let you mellow out and enjoy some headlining Reggae. Suwannee knows the night owls won’t be satisfied with that so they throw Michal Menert (band) and Zoogma late night back to back to close out Friday night with a good ol get down.

SATURDAY: Another packed day of amazing bands lined up. As the evening approaches you have the option of one of the most legendary Reggae bands of all time, Steel Pulse, or one of the most legendary electronic producer in Jacksonville FL, Sir Charles. Charles is a good friend of ours and we’re hyped to see him out in the Suwannee for Blackwater but you can bet we will be front and center for Steel Pulse. Reggae spotlight closes out the normal evening hours with Slightly Stoopid on the Amp stage with no schedule conflicts so the entire festival can gather and party. If that isn’t enough for you night owls then Gramatik and Lucky Costello will be taking you on a funky late night extravaganza.


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