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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: The Allman Brothers’ Wanee Finale

Wanee has  the best natural surroundings and vibes, and anyone who’s ever been knows it. Not only is it held in the amazing Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, but it’s hosted by the one and only Allman Brothers Band. The Brothers have hosted the festival every year and never disappoint with two sets that cover most everything you could want to hear. I’ve attended for the past 5 years and wouldn’t miss this year for anything, especially since it’s the last year for the Allman Brothers!

The Allman Brothers will officially stop touring after 2014. Gregg Allman stated in an interview with Relix that “this is it.” He continued by saying that “Forty-five years is enough, and I want to do something else anyway. Everyone has their own real good perspective bands”.

I have some amazing memories watching the Brothers play for hours in that magical field. Hearing hits like “Jessica” and amazing covers like “All Along The Watchtower” year after year has made The Allman Brothers one of my favorite live acts. I can’t wait to see how they close out their annual Wanee party one last time! Not sure what the future holds for the festival itself, but don’t miss a chance to catch some musical legends before they hang it up and move on.

BONUS: DubEra Wanee Video from 2012


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