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INTERVIEW: Excision on the Executioner, Destroid & more


We linked up with Excision to ask him some questions regarding the latest Executioner tour, future projects and more. Check out what one of the biggest dubstep producers in the world has to say! How did the Executioner stage show come about?

Excision: The new stage “The Executioner” has been in progress since April of last year.  When we built Xvision, we learned what projection mapping is truly capable of, and with a bit bigger budget this year we were able to produce something far more complex.  We wanted to get away from the 2D “trippy visualizations” as much as possible.   My team and I felt that we had learned enough from Xvision to tackle the entire project ourselves.

I worked with Ben from Beama and went through 66 revisions before we finally settled on the current design.  I then went and hired 50 or so animators from around the world, created storyboards of what we wanted each animation to look like, how we wanted it to sync with a specific song and spent a huge amount of time on each of them really dialing it in. Justin is our Mr. Fixit guy who knows a lot about a ton of different things.  He handled the window to the DJ booth, which goes up and down based at the push of a button, as well as the panels that open and close to reveal lasers within the stage, as well as CO2 jets, crazy, low-lying fog machines, and even snow machines!  A Canadian crew can’t truly put on a high production value show without snow.  Justin also helped with the Serato/Ableton dual setup.

D: How did the Destroid project come to fruition?

E: I’ve spent over three years getting this new Destroid project ready and I really believe that the way we are putting it together sets down a new path for electronic music performance.  Yes, it uses computers, but you’d never know it, nor will you see them on stage.  Two custom midi guitars and a fully custom digital drum kit. We’ll be playing our songs, covers of other tracks, as well as songs shared with us by our friends. With intricate alien/robot costumes with tons of crazy technology embedded, and the freedom to play each song differently each night, every set will be truly unique.  We’ve gone so deep into the storyline of this project with viral videos and a graphic novel series that they all tie in with the storyline in the tunes.

D: What is the craziest party you have ever DJed?

E: First thing that comes to mind are headlining shows playing to 10 or 20 thousand people at epic venues like Red Rocks in Colorado or The Gorge in Washington. Looking out onto the crowd and the awesome view and seeing so many people rocking out to such nasty music is a pretty righteous feeling.

D: What music has influenced you?

E: The first electronic music I heard that stood out to me was the Prodigy’s “The Fat of the Land.” I loved it, but couldn’t find anything else even close to it.  It wasn’t until 2005 that I discovered drum ‘n’ bass and the Vex’d album “Degenerate,” which showed me the extent of what dubstep and all electronic music is capable of.

D: Who would you like to collaborate with?

E; I have been in talks with hologram Tupac about a potential collaboration. We have a meeting with his management in a few weeks; I’m hoping he rises for the occasion.

D: Anything you would like to add?

E: It came to me in a dream; a sea of virgins. They whispered…. “you will make hard dubstep, and women will love you forever.”



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