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Shout out to the French for Baguettes, a place to film the movie Taken, Louis Vuitton and Daft Punk:

Contributions by Julian Colucci

First of all, if you’re getting all heated and saying I should wait until the album comes out and respect Daft Punk, please go fuck yourself. Because 1) they leaked the thing via iTunes stream and 2) I run a blog and don’t give a shit even if #1 didn’t exist.

With that said, let’s dive in to this beast: the most mind-boggling mix of organic / robotic music…


1. The first track title “Give Life Back To Music” is the album’s mission statement.

2. Mission complete. Ironically, we relied on Robots for this.

3. “Get Lucky” will be the song of the summer and we’ll play it for our kids. (Fingers crossed, I think Flo Rida may be leaving this one alone.) Also, do your good deed for the day and tag a friend that listens to Pitbul/Flo Rida in the comment section.

4. Don’t get annoyed at every indie band doing covers of these tunes. They enjoy playing the songs with instruments because the songs were recorded with instruments, and they are very well-written tunes.

5. There’s not one track where I don’t think of either:

  1. A. The Dos Equis Guy

  2. B. One of those James Bond opening credit montages

  3. C. Austin Powers

  4. D. Nile Rodger’s Hair/teeth

…and that’s a groovy quartet right there…

6. Unfathomable amounts of children will be conceived to this album. I’m sure dozens of people have already added “The Game of Love” to their “Banging Playlist” (Note: Banging… like sex, not like “bangers breh”)

7. The whole thing has a pleasant, warm, vintage feel similar to finding some article of clothing your parents wore back when they used to do drugs (Ex. A frayed  jean jacket, Grateful Dead concert t-shirt, leather pants)

8. This is perfect for road trips (amongst many things). And if there was an album you could get away with, start to finish, w/o someone touching the dial, this would be it. Granted, those road trip partners must have an IQ higher than 100, no ties to greek life, and don’t struggle when you ask them what artists they’ve been listening to lately.

9. “Giorgio by Moroder” shows that the robots can jam like the Mars Volta, and that’s pretty fucking cool in my book.


This album is going to bore/disappoint ^^^Kandi Ravers^^^ and those who hashtag #PLUR #whereismolly. They’ll never admit it though…


Pharrell is still such a Zoe. The harmonies on “Lose Yourself To Dance” are second to none.

12. This is a dance music album you and your parents can both agree on. If you think that’s “weird” or “uncool” you’re probably not old enough to appreciate half the sarcasm in this post anyways…

13. MY GOD!!! How good do organic instruments play into this dance music thing? Wouldn’t it be something if producers all over took a hint from this?? 


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