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Wanee Memories: Animals of the Suwannee

We all know about the vibes and tunes that make Wanee a fantastic festival, but did you know that this magical land is inhabited by some of the cutest little critters you’ve ever seen? The dog-friendly festival had tons of heady chicks flocking to this adorable pups all weekend long and for your “awwwwwwww!” moment of the day, we bring you some cool K-9s and some unusual creatures as well!


This little bugger uses his tongue to lure in the ladies. When they get close they see how handsome this deadhead devil really is!


This tiny little fella looks sad, but he’s as happy as a Michael Franti tune! The two-tone eye patches makes him camera-friendly.


The scarf makes this dude look Charmin ultra soft, but that’s okay! He was as friendly as can be, bringin’ good vibes to the MainStage all afternoon on Saturday!


This dude was camped right next to us and went CRAZY when we were tossing the football around. He was such a playful little bugger! He has stripes and his name is tiger… definitely a cool dog!


Moving past the K-9s, we get in to an unusual species of pothead dinosaurs. The “Marijuanasaurus Rex” was chiefin’ the devil’s lettuce all day long on 4/20, especially hard during Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s daytime set.


Perhaps the most exotic looking animal we encountered was this massive yellow peacock. He was nice and sang songs.


This little bugger (literally though) accompanied our good friend Travis throughout the day on Friday. We took him to see some great tunes and then he flew off, hopefully to piggy back ride on another festival-goers journey.


Last, but not least, is the frightening Suwannee Swamp Monster!!! OOOH NOOOO! This thing woke us up at 9am Thursday morning and tried to crawl in my tent… NOT cool…


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