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Wanee Preview: 10 Songs We Hope To Hear


Out of the 12+ festivals and many concerts I went to last year, nothing was quite like Wanee. The caliber of talent is next-level at this one folks, from the Allman Brothers themselves to the new-school torch-runners like moe. and Umphrey’s. With so much damned talent appearing next weekend, I can’t help but to think of all the tunes I want to hear from these guys.

So, as any good writer does, I decided to jot my ideas down and publish them like somebody actually cares.

Allman Brothers Band – “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”

My favorite Allman Brothers Band song came during the most terrential part of Wanee last year. Luckily, I found a group of concert-goers huddled under an easy-up tent in the middle of the field and got to enjoy my tune. Never the less, I’d love to hear another rendition during some optimal weather next weekend.

Allman Brothers Band – “Whipping Post”

The bluesy jam that is sandwiched in “Whipping Post” undoubtably gives me the chills each and every time that I listen to it. The absolutely devastating guitar line that segues back in to the familiar riff literally takes me in to another dimension: one I’d like to spend more time in.

Gov’t Mule – “Thorazine Shuffle”

I’m convinced that nothing will ever beat the “Cortez the Killer” we got last year, but Gov’t Mule could totally blow our minds with something else this year. “Thorazine Shuffle” isn’t the most imaginative trick up Warren’s sleeve, but it’s a damn good tune and I hope they bust it out again.

Umphrey’s McGee – “The Floor”

Umphrey’s at Wanee is cool because Wanee is a festival that usually has a lot of bands past their prime. No offense, but the Brothers and Skynyrd, as good as they are, aren’t as good as they used to be. While the current lineups offer a nice continuation of their legendary status, Umphrey’s is a band that is still growing, still playing their best shows and still flooring their audience. I’m hoping we get “Floor”ed come Wanee.

Trey Anastasio Band – “Money, Love, and Change”

At the risk of losing a view readers, I might like Trey Band more than Phish. I really might. I went to the Orlando Trey Anastasio Band show back in February and this tune absolutely lit the room on fire. I can only hope he sets the Suwannee ablaze with it.

moe. – “Time Ed”

moe. will probably play some time in the afternoon, and that means they’re set should be relatively chill. I’m a big fan of playing your set time; if it’s the afternoon, let’s chill out for a second, and if it’s late night, please rip everybody’s face off. “Time Ed” is a dope jam that will probably get my hungover bearings going come Friday afternoon. It leaves room for them to flex their skills, but it would fit in with the vibe too.

Dumpstaphunk (covering Led Zeppelin) – “Kashmir”

I like a lot of Zeppelin tunes, but I think these guys could really bust “Kashmir” wide open. Two bassists on an epic, sludged-up metal tune is something that I’d like to see. I bet these guys pull a “Kashmir” and the place goes nuts.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood – “Star or Stone”

Chris Robinson Brotherhood is something I’ve never seen before. While I’m sure the Black Crowes frontman has a lot of tricks up his wizard sleeve, I bet “Star or Stone” is one of them. CRB is hitting the festival circuit pretty hard this year, and I have high hopes for the psychadelic side-project.

Ziggy Marley – please just cover a couple of your pop’s songs

I don’t doubt that Ziggy Marley has a load of talent. I own a record, I’ve listened, it’s good. But let’s face it: he’s a Marley. While he will always live in his father’s shadow, he also has the ability to really let Bob’s legacy live on in the live music environment. I’ve seen Stephen and Julian cover their father’s songs and can’t wait to see what Ziggy does.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Free Bird”

You really thought this wouldn’t make the list? This is like the best song of all time! Skynyrd will play it and it will be crazy. That’s the end of that.


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