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Electric Forest Preview: Watch the Making of Pretty Lights’ New Album, “A Color Map of t


After being followed around for two years by vice and collecting lots of his own footage, Pretty Lights has released the behind the scenes documentary showing how he put together his newest album. Check out the nerdy mastermind Derek as he travels from Brooklyn to New Orleans to Denver, creates his own private vinyl collection, teaches himself about the technicalities of analog sound and synthesizers, and of course, hangs out with kittens.

Guest appearances from Talib Kweli, Adam Deitch, Nigel Hall, Eligh, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and a whole slew of unknown, ultra-talented musicians from around the country make this documentary jam-packed full of raw talent. The process is incredible, unique and now available for your eyes.

The new album is called A Color Map of the Sun and will be out July 2nd. We can’t wait to watch Derek play an insane set just before that at Electric Forest!


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